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Your site,, has been featured in the Family section of the Personal Web Pages site on ( I hope this link draws much attention and traffic to your site. It will also be listed as a Site Of The Day on December 16, 1999.

Thanks for creating a great Web page,

Linda Roeder
Your guide to Personal Web Pages

This was pretty cool! Our website got recognition from a large, well known site. But notice that they said "a site of they day". That's right, we were just one of four sites that were featured on 12/16/1999. Having said that it should be noted that, in my opinion, is probably the best site on the web for finding valuable content. More than just a search engine, individually reviews every site in their search database. Give them a look.

Congratulations, Vince, is the recipient of JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award - though the subject matter (other than the bouncing baby head) is mainly of interest to relatives only, the site design is of superior quality. Haven't we come a long way from the days of unwieldy "photo albums" and little corner stickies to keep the photos in place?

Joy Williams
Artist Web Design

This Australian based website is very nice in it's own right. They describe as "Proud dad's on-line photo album". See my listing on their awards pages.

Hi and Congratulations!
I am pleased to announce that your submission for my "Webmaster Award of Excellence" has been approved. Your site was reviewed against our criteria, you have won the Webmaster Silver Award!! Job well done! :o)

CU Later
TinyRay Grier

This guy has a Platinum and Gold award, yet only rated a Silver. A little disappointing until you go to his site and see some of his work.

Gold Crystal Award Congratulations!
You have just been selected for the Gold Crystal Award. Your site has easy navigation and valuable content. It isn't easy to get this award, so when you win it, it really counts!

Congratulations for creating such an excellent page!


This guy doesn't give out very many awards. He claims that he's reviewed 818 websites that were submitted for review and has only given 18 Gold Awards and 44 Silver Awards. There are only three Gold Award winners in the Personal Homepage category. Check out his awards page at SWebstudio.

Anny's Great Site Award Really great site! Congratulations!

Thanks for visiting my site and applying for my award :)

Anny apparently liked this site enough to make us only her 11th award winner. Anny is a 13 year old Russian girl who is trying to help her 20 year old sister Cathy find true love.